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2 Newcastle College reviews 

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“Decent higher education employer”

The people are great, wages are good too. Good working environment, the staff is very friendly and makes even the toughest days a breeze. The location is great as well. Career wise, there are good progression opportunities, and the work is not highly challenging. Its a great place to work and hone your people skills.

The management at times, can be a little conservative, right upto being sexist or even racist. Its about the only thing holding the college back. The management has not moved into the modern world.

Great place to work being held back by retrograde management.

“Easy job to get into and keep. Good overall working environment.”

This is a very average sort of job. Even though this might sound like a bad thing, it really isn’t. The job security is great, which is what most people really want during these bad economic times. Also, there are decent career opportunities within the company and quite a lot of leave available.

The salary could be higher. There is a lot of backwards thinking amongst the senior staff, which hampers further growth of the organisation. There is no extra money or incentives come December holidays which is possibly the most disappointing aspect of working here.

Performing employees are never rewarded.

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Newcastle College is one of the top performing colleges in the UK. We are proud to offer an ever increasing range of flexible courses to suit your lifestyle in a multi-million pound campus with state-of-the-art facilities. As well as offering a variety of undergraduate, school leaver, vocational and part-time courses, we provide the widest range of apprenticeship frameworks in the North East to meet the needs of local and regional employers. At Newcastle College we believe that finance should not be an obstacle to quality education, which is why our Newcastle College Maintenance Allowance (NCMA) offers up to £600 each year to full time FE students from September 2011.