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33% of employees recommend this company to their friends


“Nice colleagues and good work/life balance”

My colleagues at Ocado are very amicable and friendly and everyone is willing to help you. The work/life balance is good. If you are interested in improving your programming skills the software development team is a good place to be. Once a certain skill level is obtained, staff tend to move on as other companies seem to offer better opportunities. A good place to start or end your career.

Training could be improved, there is very little offered to staff. Some departments are in debt technically. In terms of progressing your career, there isn't a vast amount of options open to staff, however I feel this could be slowly changing. The working environment needs to be improved. Severe lack of toilet facilities. There is clearly not enough money allocated towards resources, training and tools. I would like to see better rewards for staff.

The lack of toilets is notable.

“Posh supermarket with big online presence”

Growing company with a caring attitude towards staff. Lots of opportunities for promotion and good entry level jobs, too. Good training programme to help you further your career with Ocado and a strong graduate training scheme too. Lots of different skills called for, so there's a niche for every kind of person in the Ocado family. Friendly co-workers.

Pace of work is very daunting at times. Entry level pay is not particularly inspiring. In-fighting at middle to senior manager level. A lot of ducking, diving and positioning.

Employee discount.

“personal shopper, would not work here, dont look after staff, no work/home balance”

staff shop, friendly co workers, easy job, salary average no extra for Sunday or bank holiday.

no work/home balance, changing shift times from 8 to 10 hour shifts to include Sunday,s, have to do compulsory overtime, they have no idea how to look after staff, i have never seen such a high turnover of staff,for every 50 that start at least 48 leave, no values for staff

try to book holiday, but dont get it, then they will txt everyone to say there is holiday available

“Disgusting recruiting manager and examiner”

Haven't yet thankfully

Unfriendly, rude, discriminating recruiting staffs

Would not find this in other leading supermarkets. Eg tesco, sainsbury..

“Ocado - CFC Dordon - Good place to work!”

Growing company, secure 25 year contracts, incentive pay, company shop, good team atmosphere

Unsociable shifts and short notice OT is required. You get used to it though once in a routine

Short notice OT is contractual. However, the company look after the teams so you sign up!

“Personal Shopper - Dordon, Tamworth”

Secure growing business. State of the Art warehouse. Good team and Managers are respectful. Company shop / bonuses. Senior Mgrs are really good so disagree with other post in my experience

The shifts are unsociable but as others have said you get used to it - you only work 4 days or nights. I here Hatfield site is worse than Dordon.

Business OT is required at quite short notice. The conveyors and environment is brill - not a typical warehouse!

“The current non English staff rule the site and staff retention is an issue. Very weak management.”

Holiday booking system

The site is run by a management team who are staff that have been promoted be cause they know how things work but they can't handle staff and the staff rule the site. No point trying to get extra pay through the incentive program as the non English staff work in groups to ensure they get the best chance to get the extra pay. No morale on site and staff retention is very poor. HR department are poorly organised. The place could be a lot more efficient and profitable with proper managers. The hours are long, no one speaks English, site cleanliness is not a priority.

The company thinks it is great when it isn't.

“Holly Sh*t”

Doesn’t exist “best thing”. 1 star is already too much

Everything. Team leader, managers, people.

If u need serious and sure job, if u need money or if u have responsibilities, or children to feed, do not work in Ocado never! They want u to work the hardest way but at the end, you don’t get paid for all that u work. Every week 4-5 hours they took it of from me. And I was not the only one. They are actually stealing from the workers. Part of this, u hv to wait until the last moment to know when u work, u can not make a plan or anything. F*ck off cOckado!!!

“Great colleagues, terrible company”

You get to meet a great variety of people and learn new skills. If you work hard then you can make decent money but it is very long hours

A lot of office politics and they do not treat people as individuals. You are basically a number on a sheet, like a lot of big companies. However, they don’t even have the decency to hide it. The company attitude it essentially that it will one day be fully automated and that none of us are important, so often spoken to/treat poorly.

Surprising how quickly you get to know colleagues and can make strong bonds. Some managers are decent but most tow the company line and don’t really care about the staff

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Ocado is one of the fastest-growing online retailers in the UK, with a pioneering fulfilment model which allows us to deliver groceries straight from our temperature-controlled delivery centre rather than a supermarket shelf. Interested in joining our team?? If so, please visit our careers website at for our latest vacancies. If you are interested in careers in IT and Technology please visit our dedicated Ocado Technology website at

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