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2 Ordnance Survey reviews 

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“Caring employer, but low-ish salary”

The big boys of mapping, a household name in branding, so that's always going to look impressive on your CV. Quite a relaxed work environment, with flexitime and a great life-work balance. Caring management who try hard to look after their employees' needs.

Salaries could be a lot better. There's a lot of red tape and a general air of quiet decline about OS. A lot of old-timers in senior management.

They let you work from home on flexitime.

“Excellent people make up for the shortcomings”

While you dont earn as much as you would elsewhere, the work profile is also such that it doesnt merit a higher salary - the work is very easy, relaxed and theres almost never any pressure. You get a lot of time to yourself, plenty of holidays and can work from home on many days. The managers make sure employees are well taken care of in this regard.

Obsessed with processes, rules and governance. Nothing ever moves here, everything gets caught in some rule or provision.

The CEO and top management are much too obsessed with following the directions on the map than actually taking in the scenery.

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Legal Services Administrator
£27,200 - £30,400 per annum - Southampton
Principal Data Architect
£59,500 - £66,500 per annum - Southampton
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Ordnance Survey is Great Britain's national mapping authority, keeping 450 million features updated to provide an accurate picture of the country. We collect, maintain and distribute the most accurate and up-to-date geographic information (GI) of the whole country that government, business and individuals all rely upon. From our surveyors on the ground, measuring and tracking changes; our planes that maintain our aerial photography of Great Britain; data technology specialists who build and maintain our bespoke IT systems; and product experts redefining how customers can benefit from our data, we all have one vision: to be the content provider of choice for location-based information. Our iconic maps are one of our most recognised brands, but these days digital data accounts for about 90% of our business. Demand for accurate, accessible, high-quality GI has never been so high. Our database holds an entire digital map of the country with 450 million features and we work day-in, day-out to keep it up-to-date. We build products to meet our customers' needs and support our emergency services with vital road and land information, and provide data to utility companies to make sure you can get water and gas supplies to your home. From ensuring optimum routes for refuse collection to getting your shopping to your door – our work is all around you.