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3 Primark reviews 

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33% of employees recommend this company to their friends


“Horrid, Horrid.”


Working for 10 hours with no leaving time, folding up tshirts over and over and over for £4 an hour.

The mold that grows on the clothes!!

“Fun and friendly”

Making new friends

long days

Crazy nights out

“The hours are very flexible... And that's about it.”

Pros: This is a good starting point for students who want to pay their own tuition or just have a little extra pocket money. Since this is a retail environment, the tasks are very easy to learn and the hours are very flexible.

Cons: The work is very mundane and repetitive, making it extremely boring after a few months or so. It also becomes the staff’s problem when people with long fingers enter the store and disappear with some of the stock. The Human Resources department is non-existent, making for a troublesome time when trying to apply for leave. Facing angry customers due to a lack of staff and no-care attitude of the managers, is no picnic either.

Unusual thing: This is a great place to people-watch when the store isn’t busy.

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