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“Potentially a great place, but reluctant to move with the times”

Fantastic network of people and a very good network of support is provided. Fantastic internal design team who respond quickly to new ideas. Management do listen to suggestions, ideas and reasons for change. The working hours are reasonable and even flexible for contractors.

Actual equipment was outdated. Designers couldn't always use their preferred tools due to bank policy. Third party development software support was poor. Budget cuts result in losing good members of staff. Generally decent equipment was hard to come by. Protocols felt quite regimental and out of date.

Possibility for flexible working hours

“A good time in my life”

great mentoring

could be long hours

still felt small and friendly

“Solid career, great staff package and flexible working”

Great benefits package Options for flexible working as well Good team working and good level of co-operation between teams as well Good working environment generally, positive can do approach from most Work-life balance is good, you get out what you put in Company is working to improve itself and is looking forward to future-proof itself by developing the vision and mission of the organisation

Too many changes being proposed and half-implemented but not seen through, losing confidence in methodologies before they've been tested and swapping and changing around. It's very disruptive and demotivational, makes you feel like they don't know what they're doing. Out of date technology that crashes regularly, online workflow not streamlined between all the systems, constantly having to work round technology rather than technology working round us. Some autocratic dictators at the top managing situations and people by force of personality rather than reason.

A career that does well without having a senior management champion would be unusual!

“If you have a flak-jacket you will be fine for a while”

Going home

Victorian attitude

They think their a good company to work for!

“The most awful place to work !!!”

The best thing about RBS is retiring !!!

The worst thing about RBS is everything !!! Constant bullying !!! Being made to try and sell stuff to customers who don't want it, don't need it and can't afford it !!! This is why they are now having to recompense customers for their sell anything attitude :-(

The fact that it is still going is ridiculous - and the fact that HUGE bonuses have been paid out for such inept management !!! If I had been so bad at my job I would have been sacked!!! After 20 years loyalty to this Company, I receive the grand total of £40 per week pension !!! Thanks RBS :-(. Shame on me for staying so long :-(

“Used to be the place to work”

Good transport networks to get there. -Drummond House. Good junior management

Always changing priorities, duplication of work by different teams. Now a finger pointing blame culture, senior managers covering their backs.if your face doesn't fit you will not get on.

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If you’re thinking about taking the next step in your career, then The Royal Bank of Scotland Group could be the place for you. With a global presence, the RBS Group includes many market-leading customer and financial brands. The breadth of opportunities that RBS offers is vast; you might be surprised to find just where we can take you!

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