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“Generally a positive environment to work in”

The working environment and culture is really great. The environment has a relaxed feel to it whilst still maintaining an air of professionalism. This is brought about by the great colleagues and upper level management who facilitate this. The work itself I enjoy, it holds my interest and the ability to work closely with upper management is rewarding.

The cut backs are sometimes in the wrong areas, and can feel quite regimented. For example, cutting costs on staff development and training. In terms of the role itself, sometimes it can involve quite tedious admin.

Having experience with statistical software has aided my role as a credit risk professional at Santander. This has been useful for analysing data in my role. Training is offered on the job for SAS programming.

“Great place to work, great environment and access to training and development”

The organisation is solid and offers good products to the market Pleasant team and immediate line management All my colleagues were very friendly and supportive and it was generally a very postiive working envronment.

Wanted more face to face and peer group training and less online courses which were really tedious and not related to my role. Also the online tests did not seem to be very well thought through and I thought they were generally a complete waste of time. Need to have more proper training that is relevant to the role and helps you to do your job better. Sometimes seemed like some of the training was more about being able to say that the staff had had training rather than about the quality of learning that was going on.

It would be unusual to get an online course that actually made me better at my job!

“Best days were Abbey National..”


no training - very high personal targets - unachievable....same customers coming through the doors -

Targets etc - and company slogans written on back of toilet doors for you to peruse when....

“I have never worked in a more depressing atmosphere.”

No one really works over their core hours. I think they are so desperate to leave that they run out of the door at 5pm!

It truly is a culture of fear. There is no respect given to anyone, unless they are at CEO or a very senior level. Managers can't manage because they are scared of the outcome.

I was looking forward to the mixture of cultures but found there is a lot of animosity towards the UK staff from those who are not from the UK. This is such a shame, as I have not encountered this anywhere else that I have worked.


The only good thing was the bonuses except they only got paid correctly in 2 years.

They discriminate against certain health issues

the managers never seem to be around when you need them

“Santander Agency serve an excellent service to Local Community”

Selling the products 123 account

They have just given notice to close our Agency and another 139 in England

“depressing place to work in ........ avoid at all cost..... especially for your health sake”

absolutely nothing full of negative vibes

targets unachievable no training or support as team leaders, managers all burnt out never available and too busy even to approach for help ....... have left as been worst place I have ever worked in

paying off staff constantly and cutting hours ...... should come with government health warning

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Banco Santander (SAN.MC, STD.N, BNC.LN) is a retail and commercial bank, based in Spain, with a presence in 10 main markets. Santander is the largest bank in the euro zone by market capitalization. Founded in 1857, Santander had EUR 1.388 trillion in managed funds, 102 million customers, 14,392 branches – more than any other international bank – and 187,000 employees at the close of 2012. It is the largest financial group in Spain and Latin America. It also has significant positions in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Poland and the northeast United States. Santander had a pre-provision profit of EUR 23.559 billion in 2012, an increase of 2% from the previous year. Other information of interest: Social networking rules http://www.santander.com/csgs/Satellite/CFWCSancomQP01/es_ES/Corporativo/Sala-de-comunicacion/Normas-de-uso-de-redes-sociales.html?leng=en_GB

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