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2 wagamama reviews 

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“A creative work place with average pay”

The colleagues I met at Wagamama were very amicable and nice. The customers were also kind and pleasant, and I never felt like I was bombarded with crazy demands. The working environment is fun and creative, a pleasant space to work in. The pay is average but could be better.

Management style is dubious. My colleagues were very nice but dealing with anyone higher up was challenging. Protocol was taken a little too seriously for some of the smaller tasks. I think the food itself is over priced. The rate at which staff come and go is rather high.

Not everyone who works here is treated equally. Management would benefit from listening to staff more.

“Good working environment and pleasant team atmosphere”

Decent salary, not amazing though Working atmosphere is upbeat and enjoyable and the environment is pleasant Customers were all polite and friendly, didn't have any awkward ones while I worked there, makes quite a difference when waiting on table The people I worked with were sympatico and as a team we all got on.

Food is not that special for the price Staff tended not to stay very long which adds stress to those who do stay Co-workers were great but can't say same for higher levels of management, who showed favouritism in their methods and also would nitpick and make a big deal of trivia Need policies and processes which protect staff from line managers treating them unequally

Lots of reasonable diners!

since opening our first restaurant in london in 1992, wagamama has built a reputation for being a relaxed, enjoyable, unpretentious eating experience. more than 2 decades later, this reputation is one of our greatest assets. wherever we go, people recognise us, know us and – most importantly – trust us to serve great food wagamama is like no place else to eat. a japanese- inspired, noodle restaurant, we're a complete experience. we feed minds with beautifully designed interiors. we stimulate vision with open plan kitchens. we celebrate the palate, with adventurous, brilliant noodle cooking, born of a desire to inspire, explore and enjoy our passion for great cooking comes from the heart and at the heart of wagamama are our people and the values that we all share. our teams always aim to be different, to be brilliant and to be honest. we’ll never be afraid to strive for the for the exceptional and to create truly iconic dishes, because that makes us the wagamama that our customers love we’re different because we embrace our true identity. we refuse to settle into the mainstream and go with the flow and we’re hard to label. we love efficiency and minimalism; but we’re never cold or indifferent. we like to be uncomplicated; but we’re never uninspired and while we love precisions and purity; we’re great, messy slurpers of noodles too. in fact, if you translate wagamama into english, it means ‘naughty child’; contrary, wilful, following their heart