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Customs & Excise Analyst

24,260 P.A. ?


Job Description In a nutshell: Completion of assorted Customs & Excise declarations and assisting the business to ensure it is legally compliant with Customs & Excise regulations

What I need to do:
 Complete relevant Customs & Excise returns i.e. CFSP, Intrastats, W5D's
 Reconcile Deferment Statements with import declarations
 Conduct compliance checks on Customs & Excise declarations  Process reclaims and voluntary disclosures (when applicable)
 Present Customs & Excise training to internal colleagues, explaining processes
 Regularly review internal procedures ensuring up to date and compliant
 Provide support to the business on HTS Code classifications (V10, V9, Bus Dev, SAL)
 Maintain internal tariff code databases to reflect the up to date tariff
 Support the samples process ensuring ongoing compliance  Conduct compliance checks on relevant documentation for exports  Ensure only approved agents make import declarations in our name (MSS)
 Handle general enquiries from internal and external business partners
 Build effective relationships and networks, both internal and external
 Spotting opportunities to improve processes and broaden knowledge
 Support the Customs & Excise wider team where required
 Demonstrate professionalism in functional skills and culture/values
 Effectively interpret HMRC customs notices and other information papers
 Effective time management and maintain consistently high standards of delivery

How I will succeed
 Completion of HMRC requirements accurately and on time
 Positive feedback from internal and external stakeholders
 Customs & Excise processes and procedures are compliant and up to date
 Continued improvement of HMRC compliance record
 Supporting overarching business goals
Able to work effectively as part of a team

What I need to know
 Be knowledgeable of Customs & Excise processes and regulatory tax returns
 Understanding of the Customs & Excise role within wider Tax implications
 Proficient IT Skills including Microsoft Office Excel
 Demonstrable industry experience in both Customs and Excise duty

What I need to show
 Demonstrate leadership traits
 Ability to work autonomously and within a team
 Self-motivated and be proactive to make a difference
 Diligent with an attention to detail
 Good communicator and make connections with others to progress your career
 Able to work under pressure to meet regulatory deadlines
 Prioritise your time to achieve the output
 Take initiative to suggest change to ways of working
 Respond positively when change occurs
 Demonstrate and drive the Sainsbury's culture / values