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Nursery - Team Leader

18,189 P.A. ?
Twizzle Tops Day Nursery Stevenage


Looking for your dream job!
Look no further Twizzle Tops Day Nursery is here.
Wanted a Nursery Team Leader for our adorable Nursery Children,
As requested by the children within our nursery, they would like the successful candidate to:
- be happy with a smiley face
- have lots of fun with us
- give good cuddles
- tell lots of stories (we like using lots of different props)
- do silly dances
- play lots of games with us
- play dressing up with us
- go on our outdoor adventures with us
- like to get messy!
Some characteristics that the current Twizzle Tops Team think would be helpful include:
- a smiley and happy face that makes every child and family feel welcome
- the ability to laugh at jokes that don't make sense and sometimes are not even funny
- to be able to go from practitioner-pirate-nurse in the space of ten minutes
- it is vital to have good memory skills especially for the fairy cakes in the oven and a hundred different belongings per day!
- the ability to sing out of tune is not necessary, however the ability to sing out of tune in front of a crowd is essential
- the ability to be totally amazed at any creation that is proudly presented to you by a child even if to others this appears to be an ordinary stick
- authentically showing an interest in and curiosity for bugs and creepy crawlies is essential even if they are your biggest fear on earth
- the ability to discuss bodily functions without embarrassment in front of a large group of people is crucial
- the ability to identify the various unknown marks and stains that have appeared on your uniform throughout the day
- the more nursery rhymes and children's songs that you know, the better!
- an absolute desire and passion to care for, educate, teach and nurture all of the children that we have the pleasure of looking after each and every day

40 Hours per week Monday to Friday on a shift basis.