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Dual site dedicated relief security officer

14,411 P.A. ?


Job Description

1. To read and sign the Site Assignment Instructions carrying out all duties in accordance to them on each site worked

2. To report any incidents, points of interest or accidents to the ops Manager and the customer. Reports must be written and an entry made into the DOR.

3. To manage and maintain the highest level of customer service on all sityes. All documentation is to be stored and filed in a manner that allows easy retrieval at any time.

4. To carry and use staff notebooks as provided ensuring information is not removed from the books. Note books are not to be used for idle doodles or comments.

5. to remain flexible to the business needs to cover holidays sickness and ad hoc duties.

6. To be smartly dressed at all times in full uniform as per standard issue.

10. To deal with all queries/complaints professionally ensuring sentiments and passed to the correct people and followed through accordingly.