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Care Home - Carer

£8.21 per hour
Pinglenook Residential Care Home


• To develop and sustain warm and trusting relationships with service users.

• To promote the self-esteem, happiness and emotional health of service users.

• To respect the service users’ right to privacy and to ensure that their dignity is maintained at all times.

• To encourage and support service users in expressing their needs, views and concerns.

• To enable service users to make choices and decisions and to participate as fully as possible in the planning and decision making processes.

• To respect and promote the rights and entitlements of people living with dementia and/or age related disabilities, and to enable them to participate as fully as possible in their communities.

• To support service users in maintaining the safety, security, and comfort of their home.

• To be responsive to the individual needs of service users within the framework of their Person Centred Plans and to respond flexibly to changing needs.

• To enable service users to become as independent as possible and to grow in confidence, competence and personal effectiveness in the following areas:

• Social skills/relationships

• Personal care & hygiene

• Daily living skills

• Using community resources and facilities

• Self-organisation and coping abilities

• Personal safety

• To achieve these goals through the provision of practical assistance, support, prompting, teaching, advice, role modelling, encouragement and positive feedback.

• To support people who express their frustrations and needs through challenging behaviour by using appropriate strategies, management guidelines, and intervention frameworks as specified by the Person Centred Plan.

• To work within agreed management protocols and guidelines for individuals with complex needs.

• To ensure that service users receive all necessary advice, care and regular health checks to ensure their physical health and well-being. To promote nutrition, relaxation, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

• To support service users’ budgeting and managing their personal finances.

• To achieve a range of appropriate communication techniques in accordance with the individual needs of the service user.

• To support service users in developing a socially valued lifestyle which includes a varied range of culturally and age appropriate experiences, building on the strengths, interests and aspirations of the service user.

• To enable service users to access developmental opportunities, new experiences and challenges, whilst not being exposed to unacceptable risks.

• To assist service users in the administration and monitoring of prescribed medication in accordance with the Home Medication Policy.

• To observe and monitor the service users’ emotional and physical well-being and to inform relevant Staff and agencies of any concerns or significant changes in their needs, behaviour and circumstances.

• To take appropriate action in the event of unforeseen emergencies, ensuring that the Home Manager and/or the on-call is informed promptly.

• To be a Key Worker or Co-Key Worker with a designated service user.

• Complete service users support notes during each shift.

• To follow Health and Safety guidelines carefully and to alert the Home Manager immediately of any concerns in relation to Health and Safety issues.

• To contribute to person centred plans and individual files.

• To contribute to service users’ reviews, through the provision of verbal and written reports and by attending where required.

• To provide regular verbal and written reports to colleagues.

• To accept support, supervision and guidance from senior colleagues.

• To carry out all work in a manner consistent with the aims and objectives of the home.

• To comply with and to implement the Equal Opportunities Policy.

• To maintain confidentiality at all times, in accordance with the agreed policy.

• To undertake specific specialised training identified to enhance team expertise with regards to working with people with complex needs.

• To identify training needs in discussion with Home Manager and to attend training events and courses as required.

• To observe any written policies, procedures and guidelines for good practice agreed by the home.

• Any other duties as required.

Key Competencies:

Good communication skills, written and verbal.

Communications & Working Relationships:

Should be able to communicate and work effectively with colleagues and Line Managers

Decision Making Authority & Responsibility:

Is able to consider alternatives and assesses their impact and potential problems. Can implement decisions and evaluate results