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Apple Pay - Partner Engineer

Location: London
Company: Apple
Hours: Full time
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Apple Pay is an exciting environment and a fast-paced development organization! We are changing the landscape of payments through innovation enabling our customers to pay with their mobile devices in a simple, private and secure way. Apple Pay is the easiest way to pay in stores, within apps, on the web, to send and receive money and get around town. As Apple Pay continues to grow, so does our ecosystem of tightly integrated external partners. Partner Engineering is focused on improving this external ecosystem. Partner Engineers work at the forefront of Apple Pay’s future, performing due diligence and vetting of external companies with whom Apple Pay may partner to bring services to our customers. This will be accomplished by working closely with the external partners' engineering teams (e.g. developers, quality, performance, SRE) to identify gaps and opportunities and to help the partners achieve the excellence required to integrate with Apple Pay services. An Apple Pay Partner Engineer also works across the internal Apple Pay engineering organization to represent the external partners, identifying and addressing gaps and opportunities within Apple. A successful Partner Engineer will build a pipeline of capable engineering partnerships that enables Apple Pay to continue a rapid growth in functionality and availability.
Key qualifications:
Prior work experience architecting, implementing or running large scale customer facing services. Able to build rapport with people inside and outside the organization. Comfort engaging at all levels of a company from engineers to executives. Strong analytical capabilities coupled with good business insight. Creative thinker and problem solver with meticulous attention to detail. Sensitive to cultural differences in country/region of a product. Self directed. Inquisitive.
We are looking for engineers, architects and product people with a high level of technical acumen and experience crafting, building and running diverse product lines and types of infrastructure. As a Partner Engineer, you will work closely with the engineers, architects and executives at 3rd party companies that design, build and run their services. Your goal is to home in on the grey areas and gaps that, if discovered later, cause schedule delays or worse. You will partner with the 3rd parties to understand the issues and develop a plan to fix them in time for integration. A successful engagement will establish a pipeline of well qualified and capable 3rd parties for the rest of the Apple Pay engineering team to integrate, test and launch with, without delay. As new products and services are invented and architected inside of Apple Pay, you will be the voice of the future 3rd parties. You will work with engineers and technical document writers across the Apple Pay engineering team to define and design products with accurate, unambiguous technical documents and specifications such that partners can rapidly consume and produce services to match.
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