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Adzuna data shows huge variations in pay around the UK

Just when you thought the boffins at Adzuna might be taking a break from number crunching, the team have pulled it out of the bag again and produced some really interesting regional salary data for the UK which is being covered across the UK in todays newspapers. The data reveals huge variations in salaries being paid around the UK with a significant “premium” for jobs in London. The Top 10 Cities & Regions in the UK were ranked by average salary using our index of over 500,000 live job ads. The results are graphically represented in our infographic below:

Here are the key findings of the UK wide analysis:

  • Private sector workers in the West Country, the Midlands and the North of England are paid at least 15% less than the national average
  • Londoners overall are paid 20% more than the national average, however, it is the lower skilled roles such as Nannies, Bar Staff and Customer Service workers most in demand.
  • Admin, Secretarial & Finance workers in London are also paid more than 25% above the national average
  • If George Osbourne’s regional pay policy is enacted, pay cuts of up to 17% could also be expected in cities like Leeds, Liverpool and Belfast in the public sector
  • Tens of thousands in the Department for Work & Pensions, Home Office and Department for Transport could also expect pay cuts of up to £5,000
  • London allowances paid to some public sector workers in inner London (up to 20% of salary in sectors such as Nursing) could come into line with lower private sector equivalents, meaning pay cuts of up to 5% even in the capital

What do you think of the data we’ve gathered? Do you work in the public sector and have an opinion on the salary data we have? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, Twitter or Facebook!