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10 remote jobs requiring little or no experience

Are you looking for a job that requires little or no experience and is based from home? If you’ve just finished your studies, recently taken time away from the team, need work experience or maybe been unable to gain any qualifications because of personal circumstances, you may be looking for a remote job. Whatever your situation, there are career options that will allow you to get your foot in the door and build a career. Some even have built-in training and apprenticeship options to help you gain a qualification while working from home.

To help you get started looking for the right remote job for you, our friends at job board Remote Worker have put together a list of 10 remote jobs requiring little or no experience so you can land a job today! 

It’s also worth checking out our Adzuna remote filter, which you can use to bring up all the fully remote roles currently available on our site. (Spoiler alert, there are over 100,000 of them). Now, let’s take a closer look at that list of top remote jobs: 

1. Administrative Assistant

Average Starting Salary: £18,000 

An Administrative Assistant handles all kinds of paperwork, scheduling, email correspondence and phone calls. Workers in these roles are often asked to join meetings to take minutes or help prepare company projects. These jobs are very advantageous for those who aren’t sure what they want to do within a big company since admin assistants usually have daily contact with multiple departments. After getting experience of how the business works, you may be able to get into a more specialised role within the company. This is also a role that can be fully done remotely. Do you have a phone, good internet connection and a computer? Then you’re good to go! 

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2. Customer Service Representative

Average Starting Salary: £20,000 

Are you a strong communicator who loves talking to people? Being a Customer Service Representative may be just the role for you. You may be required to take a training course to learn how your employer works but that is something you should expect wherever you get hired. Other than that, no further preparation may be needed. Qualities considered desirable for this role include being a strong communicator, being friendly, and having a positive team-player attitude. 

3. Sales Advisor

Average Starting Salary: £24,000 

Do you feel like you have a natural talent for sales? Then consider becoming a Sales Advisor. Being persuasive, friendly and engaging will get you far in this role, whether you’re selling a product to businesses or to individuals. Some companies require you to have some sort of experience when it comes to sales but there are a range of positions that are marked with “entry-level,” and those are the ones you should focus on.

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4. Public Relations Assistant

Average Starting Salary: £20,000 

Are you creative with strong research skills? Ever dreamed of working in the publicity industry? Public Relations Assistant might be the perfect role for you! You’ll need to be a good writer, well organised, confident and above all, a great communicator. Many larger public relations firms offer programs for the first one to two years so you can explore different areas of the business and learn more about your strengths and weaknesses. 

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5. Legal Secretary

Average Starting Salary: £20,000 

If you want to start a career in law but don’t fancy taking centre stage in the courtroom, why not consider a career as a Legal Secretary? You should expect to undertake legal research, prepare court forms, type legal documents as well as spending time organising diaries and making appointments with clients. If you’re a strong writer and are organised and reliable, this might be a great role for you! Though some jobs require significant experience, there are quite a few positions to be found at an entry-level. And after gaining experience in a firm, there may be potential opportunities to train as a paralegal and take on a more senior role. 

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6. Editor

Average Starting Salary: £20,000 

Do you have a passion for reading and an aptitude for editing? Becoming an Editor might be the perfect job for you. You’ll be surprised how much editors can actually earn! Every website has an editor or a team of editors whether it’s editing articles, books or other documents. Reading articles from New York Times or Forbes? It had to get past an editor before it was published. This is one way to earn a great salary while working remotely, so if you’re a strong writer and love to read, don’t hesitate – it’s a great career option if you want flexibility.

7. Project Manager

Average Starting Salary: £24,000 

Project Managers plan, oversee budgets, manage schedules, advertise, market and follow up on a company or team’s execution of key projects. You don’t have to be tech savvy to work as a Project Manager, but it’s important that you’re a people person as the position requires you to have excellent communication skills. Other desirable traits include being good at problem solving, an adept strategic thinker, as well as being a great organiser. There are many opportunities to work remotely as a project manager but this depends on the company, so if you feel that you have the skills and strengths for this job, look into it.

8. Virtual Assistant

Average Starting Salary: £25,000 

Being a Virtual Assistant covers a range of tasks including scheduling meetings, answering emails or providing support to companies, agencies and individuals, for example booking travel or accommodation. This is a role you can do on a freelance basis or as a remote employee. There’s not much experience needed but you will need strong internet connection and familiarity with current technologies like Zoom and Skype. The best Virtual Assistants enjoy working to support others and are able to deliver high-quality work under minimum supervision. Does this sound like a job for you? Then you should apply for a Virtual Assistant role. 

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9. Social Media Manager

Average Starting Salary: £22,000 

Practically everyone including companies has social accounts these days – Facebook, Instagram and sometimes Linkedin or Youtube. Companies often need someone social media savvy to manage these accounts. If you consider yourself to have the relevant expertise then you could land yourself a management job within social media, and if you ask, you are likely to be allowed to work from home. This position can also be done as a freelancer where you can manage multiple social media accounts for different companies at the same time, making it possible to earn great money. 

10. Email Marketer

Average Starting Salary: £28,000 

Are you looking for a location independent job? Everything can be done remotely working as an Email Marketer. Regular duties involve managing email lists, creating newsletters to inform customers about new products or events, creating campaigns/ads, and tracking and analysing campaign results. Companies can earn a ton of money by remarketing, meaning email marketers are relatively well paid. If you’re interested in technology, are naturally creative  with innovative ideas, and are looking for a location independent job then you should consider becoming an Email Marketer.

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