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What Do Oscar Winning Characters Do?

Academy Award Statuette

With the 88th Academy Awards less than a week away film fans will be gearing up to see if their favourite films of the year are recognised as being the best of the bunch.

As we’re a little bit obsessed with jobs at Adzuna HQ, we took a look at the 338 winners of the Best Actor/Actress and Supporting Actor/Actress award and what their characters did. The results are rather interesting…

  • Winners of the Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress award were more than twice as likely to play a character without a clear job than their male counterparts. While in recent years a linguistics professor, Prime Minister and an interior designer have all been portrayed by Academy Award winning women, three of this year’s Best Actress nominees played characters that didn’t have jobs (all the Best Actor characters have jobs).
  • Criminal characters that won awards were more likely to be in the Supporting Actor category than the other three combined.
  • While Kings and Queens were tied on the number of awards (3 Best Actors played kings, while 2 Best Actresses and a Best Supporting Actress played Queens), men out-numbered women four to one when it came to political leaders, with Meryl Streep’s Margaret Thatcher
  • Both Best Actor and Best Actress awards have been given to film stars who played boxers.
  • Amongst the weirder jobs to have won Oscars are Santa Claus and a psychic medium.
  • The famous science professor Stephen Hawking and Erin Brokovich, who became well-known thanks to her incredible work as a legal assistant are two real life heroes whose work inspired Oscar-winning performances.
  • 11 actors and actresses won their award playing, well, actors and actresses.

You can take a look at our full findings in the infographic below: