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The Biggest Recruitment Industries in the UK

Analysis of over 1 million job ads conducted by Adzuna, has found the industries experiencing the most growth across counties in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The research study assessed which industries have the most vacancies, broken down by each county in the UK.

Industry Number of Counties
1 Healthcare & Nursing 24
2 Teaching 20
3 IT 13
4 Engineering 9
5 Logistics & Warehouse 8

The table above shows the top 5 industries that resulted in the highest number of vacancies across the number of counties in the UK.


Healthcare & Nursing

The healthcare industry has topped the charts for the most vacancies across the counties, as it dominates almost a quarter of the UK.

The fear of Brexit is looming over the NHS, which has resulted in a 90% drop in people from the EU applying for jobs in the healthcare industry. Experts say that the situation has become worse due to health workers having no certainty over visas. As a result, there is now a large number of vacancies that have become available across the UK presented in the table.

The research also shows that the industry has more vacancies in rural counties such as Durham and Somerset – it is evident that aging population is a factor. In Somerset, statistics say that a third of the population is over the age of 65, which comes as no surprise for the large figures for healthcare and nursing jobs available. In Cornwall 1 in 4 people are over 65 – likewise in Conwy and Anglesey compared to the UK average of 18%, while East Sussex is predicted to have the UK’s largest population of over 85’s by 2026.



The analysis shows that there is currently a high demand for teachers as it is the top industry for vacancies across 20 counties in the UK. The Education Policy Institute in September 2018, revealed that schools are facing a ‘severe shortage’ of teachers. Numerous reasons have suggested why, such as bigger class sizes and more subjects being taught by staff without a relevant degree – maths and science being the main ones.

This is especially evident across schools in England as they say they are struggling to recruit and retain staff. In central London, only 57% of teachers who qualified in 2012 were still working in the classroom in 2017, which highlights an underlying problem in the teaching industry.

The current UK average salary for teachers is £31,719. This is quite concerning considering only Inverclyde on the list is going higher than the average salary, the rest of the counties are below the average. However, the Education Secretary, Damian Hinds recently announced that teachers would get a fully-funded pay rise – with hopes to improve the number of applicants for teaching roles.



The IT industry has the highest number of vacancies in 13 counties in the UK. There is no doubt that the industry is booming, with statistics showing that the UK is currently ranked third in the world for total capital invested in digital tech companies. The sector is fast-improving and growing. The big IT companies such as Google and Apple aren’t the only ones with the most vacancies, there are many tech start-ups (primarily in London) that have varied job opportunities available.

It is also not just Greater London that is profiting from the industry, the North of England is too with counties such as Tyne and Wear and Greater Manchester having IT as their top industry for employment. Alongside the popular cities in Scotland and Northern Ireland – where Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast are all topping the tables for the most vacancies in the sector.



Engineering in the UK has been a consistent industry in terms of growth and salaries for numerous years, dating back to the Industrial Revolution. Results show that the sector has high vacancies throughout the UK, being the industry with the most vacancies in 9 UK counties.

With technology constantly advancing and growing, it is the sector filled with ultimate innovation. However, the demand for a variety of engineers is as high as ever. The areas of engineering can range from aerospace to environmental. The food and drink sector of engineering is the UK’s largest, as it employs more than 400,000 workers. Some of the counties which topped the tables were Derbyshire, Armagh, North Ayrshire and Gwent, where engineering had the most vacancies than any other industry.


Logistics & Warehouse

The logistics and warehouse sector has become one of the top 5 industries for employment across 8 counties within the UK. Interestingly, the logistics and warehouse industry has a particularly large amount of vacancies in places where Amazon has its warehouses. They have a warehouse in Daventry in Northamptonshire, Coalville in Lincolnshire and Rugely in Staffordshire, which explains why this industry has the most jobs available in these counties.

The digital era is constantly changing and growing bigger. More and more people are choosing to shop online rather than going into stores themselves, and huge retail stores such as House of Fraser and BHS being forced into administration. As a result of this, vacancies ultimately have become higher in the logistics and warehouse sector.


See below for the full table with the UK counties and their top industry.


County Average Salary in £’s Top Industry
Avon 29232 Accounting and Finance
Bedfordshire 32357 Engineering
Berkshire 36067 IT
City of Bristol 36455 IT
Buckinghamshire 31166 IT
Cambridgeshire 34429 IT
Cheshire 29293 Accounting and Finance
Cornwall 29350 Healthcare and Nursing
Cumbria 32406 Hospitality and Catering
Derbyshire 29477 Engineering
Devon 29307 Trade & Construction
Dorset 29076 Healthcare and Nursing
Durham 28967 Healthcare and Nursing
East Sussex 32201 Healthcare and Nursing
Essex 29039 Teaching
Gloucestershire 29779 Engineering
Greater London 41842 IT
Greater Manchester 31431 IT
Hampshire 32082 IT
Herefordshire 29623 Healthcare and Nursing
Hertfordshire 31145 Accounting and Finance
Isle of Wight 30233 Healthcare and Nursing
Kent 29276 Teaching
Lancashire 28879 Teaching
Leicestershire 27954 Logistics and Warehouse
Lincolnshire 29853 Healthcare and Nursing
Merseyside 28824 Teaching
Norfolk 28867 Healthcare and Nursing
Northamptonshire 28912 Logistics and Warehouse
Northumberland 30081 Teaching
Nottinghamshire 30215 Trade & Construction
Oxfordshire 32597 IT
Rutland 29590 Hospitality and Catering
Shropshire 29118 Engineering
Somerset 30258 Healthcare and Nursing
Southampton 31164 Healthcare and Nursing
Staffordshire 27658 Logistics and Warehouse
Suffolk 28273 Trade & Construction
Surrey 33187 Hospitality and Catering
Tyne and Wear 29690 IT
Warwickshire 29025 Logistics and Warehouse
West Midlands 30918 Engineering
West Sussex 30502 Healthcare and Nursing
Wiltshire 34350 Healthcare and Nursing
Worcestershire 29462 Engineering
Yorkshire and the Humber 29691 Teaching
Antrim 31824 IT
Armagh 34351 Engineering
Belfast 34975 IT
Down 30618 Retail
Fermanagh 39884 Healthcare & Nursing
Derry 39793 Healthcare & Nursing
Aberdeenshire 30202 Teaching
Angus 30325 Teaching
Argyll & Bute 25420 Teaching
Clackmannanshire 27448 Healthcare and Nursing
Dumfriesshire 29045 Teaching
Dundee 30378 Healthcare and Nursing
East Ayrshire 25613 Teaching
East Lothian 28510 Healthcare and Nursing
Edinburgh 36508 IT
Fife 27510 Teaching
Glasgow 33542 IT
Inverclyde 36404 Teaching
Invernessshire 28744 Healthcare and Nursing
South Lanarkshire 27253 Logistics and Warehouse
Midlothian 31144 Accounting and Finance
Moray 29142 Teaching
Nairn 29470 Trade and Construction
North Ayrshire 27918 Engineering
North Lanarkshire 26436 Logistics and Warehouse
Orkney 21122 Social Work
Perth & Kinross 25286 Hospitality & Catering
Renfrewshire 28547 Teaching
Shetland 24481 Social Work
Stirlingshire 24342 Teaching
West Dunbartonshire 29903 Teaching
West Lothian 29218 Logistics and Warehouse
Anglesey 37259 Healthcare and Nursing
Ceredigion 32985 Healthcare and Nursing
Conwy 30247 Healthcare and Nursing
Denbighshire 26727 Healthcare and Nursing
Flintshire 27647 Teaching
Glamorgan 30322 Teaching
Gwent 28528 Engineering
Gwynedd 26415 Healthcare and Nursing
Monmouthshire 28749 Logistics and Warehouse
Pembrokeshire 31054 Healthcare and Nursing
Powys 26526 Teaching
Wrexham 26172 Trade & Construction