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7 Jobs For People Who Thrive In Social Situations

Are you the kind of person that enjoys spending time with people or working in groups? Do you derive energy from social situations or have the ability to make great conversations with just about anyone? You might just be what they call an ‘extrovert’. Extroverts are known to be an outgoing bunch who derive energy from people instead of isolation. They are usually comfortable in most social settings and wouldn’t mind getting involved in verbal discussions. Unsurprisingly, it’s uncommon for them to thrive in situations that put them in the spotlight!


Although the cliche is to think they’re best suited only for communication jobs, we know that’s not true.  We did some digging for you and found a range of roles available for those of you that love interacting with the human race, aka extroverts:

Public Relations


One of the key requirements of public relations is effective communication. It includes meeting and dealing with people on an everyday basis, creating strong working relationships. They often have to speak on behalf of the organisations they represent and thus require someone who can comfortably address groups of people.

Average Salary – £36,214

Public relations vacancies – 2,063 (At time of publication)


Teacher Pointing at Map of World ca. 2002

Apart from high verbal communication and patience, being a teacher requires great attention to detail and the ability to multitask effortlessly in a room full of noisy children! If you’re a bundle of energy and enjoy working children, this might just be the best job for you.

Average Salary – £25,820

Teacher vacancies – 48,966 (At time of publication)



If you can convince people that black is white and sell snow to an Eskimo, you might be quite the fit for sales! This role involves building and maintaining relationships with clients to sell a product of the company you work for. It also includes travelling to meet potential customers and will require you to pick up the phone 50 times a day or more. If this sounds like fun, sales could just be your calling.

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Average Salary – £28,995

Sales vacancies – 60,935 (At time of publication)

Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew 


If you’ve got great interpersonal skills, like helping people out, and don’t mind being surrounded by people 30,000 ft in the sky for most hours of the week, this could be the perfect job for you.

Want help landing this job? Check out our free Cabin Crew CV template

Average Salary – £29,834

Cabin crew vacancies  – 190 (At time of publication)


Side profile of a lawyer and a witness on the witness stand

As this job involves speaking in front of a courtroom and communicating facts to the best of your ability, it requires a lot of confidence. This is an ideal job for those of you that love to be challenged and deal with a diverse group of people.

Average Salary – £52,913

Lawyer vacancies – 11,472 (At time of publication)


Recruiter checking the candidate during job interview

Considered the matchmaker of the corporate world, recruiters work closely with companies and agencies to help them fill vacant positions. A large portion of their day is spent interviewing candidates – either over the phone or in person – or with clients and hiring managers. If you’re armed with a sunny disposition and a large array of connections, recruitment could just be your forte

Average Salary – £31,914

Recruiter vacancies – 521,794 (At time of publication)

Event Planner

Wedding planner smiling

If you’re organised, disciplined, and have no problem allocating and segregating tasks, event planning might suit you. Their role involves collaborating with hospitality workers, clients, meeting with guests of the events, and orchestrating activities for various different groups of people.

Average Salary – £32,267

Event planner vacancies – 82 (At time of publication)

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