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Adzuna CareerPaths Explained

We’re delighted to announce the launch of CareerPaths, a new tool to help jobseekers explore career opportunities based on their current skill set.

What is it?

CareerPaths helps jobseekers understand viable future career paths based on what millions of others have done. The technology matches people to new industries and live jobs based on their experience and skills. The tool targets active jobseekers, people who have recently been made redundant, those on furlough, and passive jobseekers who are just curious about how their skills match to companies hiring in 2021. 

By simply inputting a current job title or set of skills, users can understand their transferable skills better and choose a suggested career path based on their profile and who’s hiring.

How it works? 

The technology and recommendations are based on a training dataset consisting of titles and job descriptions from over 30m live and archived vacancies. Users are ‘matched’ to ‘career paths’ and live jobs using Adzuna’s cutting edge machine learning technology. We have created a predictive model to help pick apart the complex relationship between job titles, skills, salaries & available jobs, to visualise the recommended next steps a jobseeker looking to make their next career move may wish to take.  


Why are we doing this? 

The past year has been extremely challenging for jobseekers and employers alike. Britain’s job market has been decimated by the Coronavirus crisis, and despite some signs that a recovery may be on the horizon, the outlook remains bleak. We are experiencing one of the biggest recessions in living memory; unemployment is rising faster than at any point in our history, hiring activity has collapsed by over 50% and competition for jobs has intensified across the country. All told, over 700,000 Britons have lost their job since the start of the pandemic. With the Government’s job retention scheme coming to a close in March 21′, this looks set to jump well into the millions.

Many jobseekers are facing anxious times and we want to do our bit to bring people together and match jobseekers to jobs with new technology. CareerPaths will help jobseekers understand all their future job options.