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Graduate recruitment down over 75% in 2020

The hiring rate for Graduates in the UK has dropped 76% since January 2020. There are currently 3,401 graduate jobs being advertised, with the high watermark for grad hiring in 2020 in mid-February (14,938 open roles). With such a precipitous drop in job openings, and thousands of graduates flooding the market this summer, our data suggests that competition will reach an all time high, with over 100 graduates battling it out for every single open position.
The regional split of current graduate hiring can be found below, along with the average salaries paid (live as of 6th May 2020). Looking at year-on-year salaries at a UK level, rates of pay have held up surprisingly well. The average advertised salary for a graduate role in H2 of 2019 was £24,000, this has dropped fractionally to £23,200 in 2020 (-3.3%). It would appear that those who are still taking on entry-level staff are prepared to maintain wages. The top companies still taking on graduate staff in May and actively advertising on Adzuna are AECOM, KPMG and BAE Systems. Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PWC are still yet to disclose any changes to their graduate recruitment efforts. Banks such as Lloyds and Santander have cancelled their summer internship programmes.


Current graduate jobs being advertised and salaries: 

Region Live Graduate Jobs 6th May 2020 Average Salary
London 1,022 £30,557
South East England 550 £25,675
North West England 346 £19,906
South West England 226 £25,793
Eastern England 223 £23,549
Yorkshire And The Humber 186 £21,105
East Midlands 134 £20,374
West Midlands 128 £23,161
Scotland 64 £26,294
North East England 63 £23,485
Wales 49 £21,224
Northern Ireland 20 £23,906

Graduate jobs by Sector


How is the UK fairing against Europe & the U.S? 

Country % fall in graduate recruitment (Jan to May 20′)
UK -76%
USA -62%
Italy -35%
France -28%
Germany -8%

Andrew Hunter, Co-founder of Adzuna remarked “The summer of 2020 looks set to be extremely challenging for graduate job hunters. In the 10 years we have been collecting and analysing employment market data, I have never seen such a huge supply and demand imbalance. Competition for the few remaining graduate roles will be intense: we anticipate there being well over 100 candidates applying for each vacancy and further big cuts to entry-level recruitment to come. Much like the 08/09′ recession, graduates recruitment is proving to be one of the hardest sectors hit.”

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