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How To Ask For A Pay Rise – And Succeed!

From St Agnes to St Andrews, celebrations were rife in workplaces all around the country last week, as living wage increases look set to benefit 60,000 UK employees.

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With more than 1,000 employers signed up to the increase to date, promising to pay hourly wages of £8.80 in London and £7.65 around the rest of the country. Big names including Google, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, ITV, Legal and General and even the Department of Energy and Climate Change are all joining the movement, and increasing pay packets for eligible employees.

Inspired by this development, the team at Adzuna Towers have been racking our brains for ways to help everyone share in the warm glow that comes with news of a pay rise.  With that goal in mind, here are some hints and tips to help you ask for your dream salary, should a pay rise be on your mind.

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Ask for a performance review: Sometimes it can be hard to see yourself as others do, and therefore to judge the perfect timing for your request. Asking your boss and colleagues to give you some honest but constructive feedback is the best way to identify what you’re good at and any potential pitfalls in your payrise ambitions. If you can identify and approve on areas of concern, it is much more likely that you will be put forward for that promotion or salary increase when the time comes around. A word of warning though, hearing criticism  can be tough, so ensure you are ready to work on suggestions that may arise.


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Evaluate your current skills: Now is the perfect time to jot down everything you currently do at work, analyse what skills you possess and whether your current level of education matches the job that you are in. Perhaps there are things you do outside work that you don’t utilise fully in your role? If you speak more than one language, or are a secret computing whizz, perhaps there is scope to use this in your role.  And even if you don’t see the effects immediately, it might make your job more fun and challenging. Result!

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Learn some news skills and earn certifications: Increasing your skillset is a surefire way to support your request for a higher salary. Learning new skills or even updating old ones can increase your standing with current or future employers. There are plenty of ways to do this, so make sure you jump at any on-the-job training you’re offered, take on some new projects and maybe look into a course or two. Even getting certificates for basic computing skills will help, as it shows drive and highlights your commitment to your career. If you do end up taking a course, be sure to select one that  is well respected and reputable.

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Be friendly:  Approachable and interested colleagues top the popularity charts, and make themselves an indispensable, valuable part of the team. Listening to people and being prepared to get your hands dirty every now and again may well help you in your quest for higher pay. Making friends will not only make your job more fun but having good relationships with your superiors can’t be a bad thing. Even if your current position doesn’t offer opportunities for progression or a pay rise, your boss will still be the one writing your reference in the event of your departure. A great reference, saying how dedicated you are and how great it is to work with you, will be worth its weight in gold if you opt to look for a new position.

Most importantly don’t give up, and don’t allow a reject offer to dishearten you . If you think you should be earning a higher salary and it’s time for a change, check out Adzuna to see what exciting opportunities may be out there for you.