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How to hire remotely

Remote working is very “of the moment” for obvious reasons, but there is a general feeling that it might become one of the main features of working today that will last beyond the virus. Businesses that have typically been resistant to remote working have been forced to embrace it, and the general sense is that Continued »

What’s changed about job search behaviour?

We’ve spoken a lot about how the job market has changed in terms of vacancies and salaries and what’s available for jobseekers. However, there is a whole other side to explore – what the jobseekers themselves are looking for, and how that has changed since coronavirus. There are plenty of expected changes – a spike Continued »

The UK loses over half of job vacancies in 10 weeks

  Job vacancies have fallen by 54% in ten weeks UK vacancies have fallen by 54% since coronavirus took hold of the UK ten weeks ago. Government policies to extend the closure of employment heavy sectors such as hospitality and catering has led to an 82% drop in vacancies in the sector in the past 10 Continued »

Covid-19 hits the job market – vacancies drop 22% in six weeks

Coronavirus has unsettled job markets across the world and posed serious challenges for key industries such as travel, hospitality and manufacturing. The crisis has damaged many industries but has created opportunities in unexpected fields. We have analysed the latest job market data to assess how each industry has been affected and the opportunities that are still available Continued »

Staying motivated in your job search during the COVID-19 crisis

As COVID-19 continues to impact the daily lives of millions of people around the world, those of you looking for reliable employment will be feeling the strain even more. What was already a demanding task has now become even more strenuous, with countless companies laying off workers, announcing redundancies and even shutting up shop completely.  Continued »

What does Covid-19 mean for recruitment?

NOTE: Due to the rapidly-changing nature of the covid-19 crisis, elements of this piece could be out of date quickly. We are changing from a position of practically full employment in the UK to suddenly facing a potential jobs crisis. Figures from YouGov released on the 25th March reveal that out of nearly 3,000 people Continued »