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100 Teachers That Changed The World

Every teacher has a huge impact on the students that come through their doors each morning, but the very best have an impact that goes far beyond their classroom. To celebrate International Teacher’s Day, we’ve put together a list of extraordinary teachers that have changed the world (or at least their little part of it). Continued »

What Do Millennials Want In The Workplace?

Employers should be emphasising their existing green credentials and charitable ways in order to attract more applicants, according to a study by Adzuna.  The Guardian has reported that almost 50% of the UK workforce wants to work for companies that have a positive impact on the world and a study from PWC found that, among Continued »

Things You Didn’t Know About Jobseeking Abroad

Jobseekers in the UK probably have a good idea about what they should include in their CV and how they can be expected to behave in an interview.  But do these same rules apply in different countries?A basic understanding of the local job market is essential if you want the best chance of landing a Continued »

The Highest Paid Jobs in Tech Right Now

It’s no secret that jobs in the IT sector pay handsomely. In fact, for 9 straight months jobs in IT have advertised higher salaries than any other industry. With tech jobs making a strong claim to be the most lucrative on the market, we decided to take a look at which positions pay not just the Continued »

The Highest Paid Languages Of 2017

Which Languages Pay The Most in 2017? Are you a journalist looking for jobs data? We’d be happy to help – get in touch with us! Japanese and the Chinese languages were named the most lucrative non-English tongues for UK jobseekers according to our data experts here at Adzuna Towers – and they know their stuff, Continued »