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Adzuna acquires job search engine Getwork

Here at Adzuna HQ, we have some exciting news to share. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired leading US enterprise job search engine Getwork.  The Getwork team, led by President Brad Squibb, will work alongside our 100-person strong Adzuna business, bringing together decades of job search expertise and accelerating our growth in North America. Continued »

How to create an LGBTQ+ friendly company

It is officially the start of Pride Month. The month-long event, which happens in June every year, celebrates the LGBTQ+ community, with the aim of raising awareness and combatting prejudice. At Adzuna, we have put together some top tips for how to create an inclusive working environment, from job ads to the office environment.     Continued »

How to frame a career break on your CV

Career breaks are becoming more widely accepted and employers are beginning to see the perks of these often life-defining moments. But returning to work after a break has its challenges. In particular, it can be tricky to know how to frame a career break on your CV and talk about it at interview. At Adzuna, Continued »

The cities most at risk from the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is still unfolding across the UK. But how does this vary across the country? At Adzuna, we have taken a look at the towns and cities most at threat from the Great Resignation. To do this, we analysed jobseeker demand across UK towns and cities, in terms of average views per job Continued »

Want to become a driver? Driver jobs that pay well

Wanting to become a driver? You have probably been left pretty confused by all of the different roles available. What is a driver’s mate? Or what is the difference between tramping and trunking? At Adzuna, we have taken a look at the most in-demand driving roles in the UK and have put together a list Continued »

The 7 best perks for women in the workplace

Women are very much still striving for equality in the workplace and remain underrepresented across many industries, particularly in more senior roles. To try and achieve equality, companies are adding new benefits to attract and retain women specifically. At Adzuna, we have taken a look at the best perks currently available to women and where Continued »

The deadliest jobs in Britain and what they pay

You probably think that great risk comes with great reward but that’s not always the case. At Adzuna, we have taken a look at which jobs are the deadliest in Britain alongside their average salaries. Our study analysed our own data alongside data from Health and Safety Executive to find out Britain’s most dangerous job.  Continued »

The top 10 most valuable degrees

With so many degree courses currently on offer, prospective university students are overwhelmed with choice. Over 500,000 UK university students are expected to graduate this year alone, with most competing for the best jobs. However, which degrees give you the best chance of getting the highest salary? We analysed the CVs of over 500,000 jobseekers Continued »

How to use stay interviews to retain staff

Employees are thinking about their life and career choices now more than ever. With the Great Resignation in full swing as well as the ongoing pandemic, employees’ expectations are evolving at a very fast pace. One tactic currently being used to try and retain current employees are stay interviews.  Stay interviews are a great technique Continued »