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32 online jobs to consider right now

Best online jobs: Working from home

With so many people stuck at home for the foreseeable future, there has been a surge in terms of looking for the best online jobs. Offering increased flexibility and the chance to work from home around other commitments, online jobs that pay are a perfect solution for everyone, from furloughed workers through to parents and students.


Which are the best paid online jobs?

Working online might be more convenient, but there’s no point in being chained to your computer for hours on end only to earn a few pence. That’s why understanding which roles pay the best and what experience you’ll need, if any, to apply for them, is so valuable. 

Take a look at the table below for an easy reference point:

Job TitleJobs Available (May 2020)Average Salary (hourly)
Business Consultant1,992£24
Web Designer882£23
Online English teaching516£22
Technical writer100£22
Online accounting1,214£22
Freelance Writer504£21
Online Tutor1,555£20
Virtual Assistant62£19
SEO Expert1,203£18


🔎 Business consultant

  • Avg salary £24 per hour
  • Perfect for retired professionals or anyone with enough experience within a certain business field, as well as demonstrable success, to advise like-minded operations, a business consultant role can be lucrative and flexible. It’s ideal if you want to keep your hand in a certain industry, or simply want to take a back seat from owning a company but without disappearing altogether, you will need to be able to qualify your credentials.

🔎 Web design

  • Avg salary £23 per hour
  • What could be a more perfect online job than designing websites? If you can code or even just use a template from domain hosting sites, you could launch a whole new career.

🔎 Online English teaching

  • Avg salary £22 per hour
  • Language schools are crying out for online English teachers and you don’t need a language-specific degree or an ESL (English as a Second Language) qualification to apply.

🔎 Academic and technical writing

Technical writing as one of the best online jobs

  • Avg salary £22 per hour
  • An in-depth knowledge of subject matter is essential here, but if you have a flair for writing, you could earn well submitting work online.

🔎 Freelance writer

  • Avg salary £21 per hour
  • You don’t need any experience or qualifications to start your freelance writing career, but be advised that those people who have one or both will probably earn more and get hired more frequently. If you can afford to write a few articles for free in order to start collating a portfolio of published work, this is a good idea.

🔎 Online tutoring

  • Avg salary £20 per hour
  • For those of you with a teaching qualification, don’t let it languish when it could serve you very well as an online career. Virtual teaching is one of the best online jobs in terms of pay, and given that you need to have undertaken formal training, there is a little less competition for the available roles, too.

🔎 Online accounting

  • Avg salary £22 per hour
  • A relevant accounting qualification and proven experience is essential here, as you’ll have a lot of fiscal responsibility. More involved than bookkeeping, but also better paid.

🔎 Virtual assistant

  • Avg salary £19 per hour
  • Anyone with good time management skills, a working knowledge of IT and clerical experience can do well as a virtual assistant. You will usually be able to list your available hours and only work those – but be prepared to make an exception if a client needs you. If you love being somebody’s Girl Friday but need more flexibility than 9-5 hours, this could be for you. Learn more about how to become a virtual assistant in our step-by-step guide.

🔎 SEO expert

  • Avg salary £18 per hour
  • Anyone with marketing experience on their CV can get online and start offering SEO assistance. You’ll find that plenty of clients know the term and have a general understanding of what it means, but they need help with fine tuning and making their online presence really work for them. This is a chargeable commodity, so if you can tweak website content to boost search rankings, you have a potential online career.

When it comes to jobs to do online, you’ll notice that the ones that pay the best usually require at least some experience, but that doesn’t have to mean formal qualifications. In the table above, blogging is the only role that could be attempted by a total novice, but you don’t need a secretarial qualification to apply for virtual assistant roles. In fact, some basic office experience will more than likely be enough to get you started.


The best jobs to do online

Money is obviously a serious consideration, but there are plenty of other factors that can make an online job that pays very attractive. Flexibility is one, as is the chance to work from home and for yourself. You can also try your hand at a few different roles, to avoid job boredom, but which are the positions most touted as the best to do online? We’ve created a summary below:

🔎 Maths online tutoring

Online tutoring

  • Avg salary £18 per hour
  • A subject that often calls for extra tuition, maths makes for well-paid online opportunities, if you can spare a few hours a week to help students improve their grades.

🔎 STEM online tutoring

  • Avg salary £22 per hour
  • Just like maths, STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) students can require extra support – and being a specialist area, you can earn well if you have the right qualifications.

🔎 Distance learning & tutoring

  • Avg salary £16 per hour
  • All the fun of teaching, but with none of the educational setting or personal risk. You could be teaching a vast range of students from around the world and offering pastoral support, too.

🔎 Online foreign language teaching

  • Avg salary £15 per hour
  • Certain languages are more specialist and sought after than others. If you are fluent in any of the following, you could find yourself being quite a commodity in terms of teaching potential: Turkish, Italian, Arabic, Spanish.

🔎 Online copywriting

  • Avg salary £21 per hour
  • More structured than freelance writing, as you will be working within a set of brand guidelines usually. Good literacy is essential and experience is usually desirable.

🔎 Online transcription

  • Avg salary £13 per hour
  • If you can type quickly and accurately, a transcription role from home may be the ideal way to earn extra money. This would be great for students.

🔎 Online translation

  • Avg salary £19 per hour
  • Put your language skills to good use by working as an online translator. Bilingual fluent speakers are highly sought after.

🔎 Social media specialist

Social media manager working from home

In the scheme of things, a fairly new career option, but if you know your TikTok from your Tumblr and have a knack for creating unique hashtags for Instagram, this could easily top the best online jobs list for you. Companies and individuals are all looking to make the most of social media platforms, so if you find it simple and enjoy the process, then put your passion to good use!

🔎 Online data entry

  • Avg salary £18 per hour
  • It might not be the most interesting role, but it’s essential and people want to pay you to do it for them. Good typing skills and attention to detail are needed.

🔎 Online moderator

  • Avg salary £12 per hour
  • People skills, diplomacy and patience are more important than experience for a moderator role. You’ll need to be comfortable being part of online communities as well.

🔎 Product reviews

  • Could you be happy to work for items rather than money? Then product reviewing is perfect for you! Simply take delivery of new product lines, use and review them online and enjoy! This could help you blog as well, so it’s great for students.

🔎 Professional competition entering

  • It might sound a little odd, but plenty of people make an excellent living entering online competitions. Winning all sorts of things, from cash prizes to cars and everything in between, this can be a lucrative way to spend your free time.

🔎 Survey taking

  • Avg salary £18 per hour
  • Kill some time and earn money while you do it. Perfect for students and with no experience necessary, if you have an opinion, you could be earning.

🔎 Remote customer service

Remote customer service

  • Avg salary £15 per hour
  • Get calls forwarded to you at home and help companies keep their clients happy. It’s as simple as that and offers good flexibility. Great for students.

🔎 Virtual coaching

  • Avg salary £19 per hour
  • Thanks to video-call software, you can now offer coaching services remotely. There are many areas that don’t require a qualification, but you will be expected to be a recognised expert in whatever you coach.

🔎 Online counselling

  • Avg salary £12 per hour
  • A qualification and references are essential to offer counselling services, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is the same as coaching. This is more clinical.

🔎 Virtual PA

  • Avg salary £13 per hour
  • Executive support roles usually demand a requisite amount of experience. You will need to be highly efficient, organised and committed, as well as computer literate.

🔎 Personal stylist

Personal stylist working from homr

  • Avg salary £11 per hour
  • You can work from home and guide your clients as to what they should be buying next easily. You can then use apps to create wish lists for them to choose items from.

🔎 Online marketing

  • Avg salary £17 per hour
  • If you’re confident getting in touch with a lot of people and working to big targets, online marketing could be the challenge you’ve been waiting for. Good email writing is essential.

🔎 Stock photograph selling


  • Stock image photography websites give you a fee every time somebody licenses your pictures, so the more you upload to your profile, the better. Specialising in things such as book covers can be especially well paid.

🔎 Etsy seller

  • Whether you’re a maker or just a savvy shopper who can spot something that can be sold at a profit, online markets are a great way to earn extra money. Creative types prefer Etsy and it offers a lot of support.

🔎 Graphic Designer

  • Avg salary £17 per hour
  • You no longer need to work alongside your clients in the same office to be a valuable part of the design team. Graphic designers have been working remotely for years, taking advantage of spare rooms that can become studios in an instant – and if you’re a design student, this can be a valuable way to get experience and earn some money. You’ll need a portfolio of ideas and completed work, but that doesn’t have to mean experience. You should be prepared to complete a trial brief to demonstrate your interpretation skills to potential new clients.

🔎 Dropshipper

  • Dropshipping is an incredible way to make money online if you are organised, have some storage space and can multitask. Essentially, online commerce is changing, with people offering a variety of products, but not necessarily wanting to be in charge of packing and distributing it. That’s where dropshipping comes into play. You charge for your time, materials and effort and the client owns the item you are posting and takes a percentage of the sale price.


How to search for online jobs

Knowing where to look for the best online jobs is half of the battle, but it can be as simple as knowing which search filters and keywords to apply. Here at Adzuna, you’ll want to make sure that you’re looking for ‘remote’, ‘home working’, ‘online’ or ‘virtual’ roles, and from there, you can filter your results using the left-hand column. Select an industry you want to work in, individual companies and even whether you want to see full or part-time roles.

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Adzuna advanced search filters

We also have a huge number of other useful resources for you to take advantage of including our blog and ValueMyCV tool that helps identify best matching jobs for your profile and how much you should be earning in a chosen career path.

Check out this example for a Senior Accountant and the career paths that mach the skill set of that person.

Adzuna career paths options

Safety when looking for an online job

You’ll need to be careful about applying for online roles, as there has been an influx of less desirable ones that are not legitimate. Our best advice is to search for reviews on the company posting a vacancy, paying particular attention to any reviews regarding payment and employee treatment. Remember – if it sounds too good to be true and you can’t find anything about the poster, it is probably best to steer clear!

Online jobs that pay are a viable solution for so many jobseekers, so why not take a look and see how you could apply your individual experience and skills to a virtual career?