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The five top tech hubs outside of London

London’s Tech City has quite rightfully received a lot of positive press recently due to its impressive growth. Formed around the beginning of the decade, Tech City has grown from a couple of hundred start-ups to a few thousand today.

According to research by Oxford Economics, over the next ten years the number of digital technology companies in London is expected to rise to 45,000 and create more than £12 billion of economic activity. This is in contrast to Silicon Valley who have close to 20,000 start-ups generating a whopping $535 billion in economic activity. London is closing the gap on Silicon Valley and in many industries such as Fintech is even outperforming its US rival.

However, tech city is just one of many tech hubs in the UK that are growing rapidly. We take a look below at the top five tech hubs located outside of London.



Newcastle’s tech scene also known as Silicon Shore is progressing at a massively impressive pace. Pulled up by the bootstraps by Paul Smiths Ignite 100 accelerator Newcastle has incubated some of the UK’s top start-ups including Jinn App, Fit Gurus, and Zip Cube. Newcastle also has the advantage of housing accounting behemoth Sage which attracts talent, capital and tech expertise to the area.

birmingham tech


All of the elements are their in Birmingham for a thriving tech scene – the youngest city population in Europe, the availability of start-up funding from Finance Birmingham and top quality tech offices in The Custard Factory and Fazeley Studios. There is a real emphasis on building the start-up community, spearheaded by local Entrepreneur Simon Jenner. Birmingham start-up success stories include Whisk, founded by ex-Apprentice contestant Nick Holherzz and Time Etc a Virtual Assistant service that matches entrepreneurs and professionals with hand-picked Virtual Assistants.


cambridge tech


Cambridge has over 1400 tech companies employing over 53,000 people. Using the capabilities of one of the the worlds leading educational institutions, Cambridge University, gives Cambridge an inherent advantage over other regions. Notable start-ups in Cambridge include Aqdot, Raspberry Pi and Magic Solver.




Manchester is home to a thriving start-up scene. With workspaces such as Spaceport X, Sharp Project and Innospace coupled with the Manchester Science Park that houses 150 science and tech companies, Manchester is the perfect place to launch a tech start-up. The new MediaCity development in Salford which includes the BBC and ITV also helps to increase commercial opportunities. The city is also well connected with an international airport and easy links to London. Top start-ups based in Manchester include Canddi who analyse website traffic to help turn visitors into customers, Fatsoma an online marketing platform for event promoters and Nifty Drives who have created an adapter for micro SD cards that fits inside a MacBook.



The beautiful city of Edinburgh also has a nascent start-up scene. Way back in 2003 Skyscanner relocated their offices to Edinburgh and this served as a focal point for the scene. TechCube is an incubator space set up for technology driven firms at Summerhall. Here they are in the process of turning a out of use university tower into a work hub for early stage tech companies.