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The Languages That Pay The Most In Tech

It’s no secret that speaking another language can help you net a decent salary, but the real way to unlock a bulging pay packet is by combining that second language with an in-demand skill set. And there are few skills more in demand than knowledge of another type of language – coding languages like Python and Ruby.

With this in mind, we decided to take a look at how much people working in the IT sector can expect to make if they can parlez more than just Anglais. With jobs in tech regularly paying more than any other industry we weren’t surprised to find that average salaries could reach dizzying heights when a second language was thrown into the mix.

Japanese Language Pays Most In Tech

Japanese was the highest paid language in 2017 according to our study earlier this year, and it also topped the list of languages for tech jobs with an average salary of £64,211. This was almost £10k more than second-placed Danish (£55,628).

However, open roles for these languages were pretty scarce, with only 54 vacancies between them at the time of our study.

If you want a wealth of opportunities to choose from and a juicy paycheck at the end of the month, then German is the language that pays, with 936 open tech roles boasting an average salary of £51,325. French was the second-most sought after language in tech, with 737 positions paying an average of £46,198, while Dutch was also in demand with £50,871 on offer for 358 vacancies.

Top 5 Paying Languages in Tech

  1. Japanese – £64,211
  2. Danish – £55,628
  3. German – £51,325
  4. Dutch – £50,871
  5. French – £46,198

Languages Worth Double With Tech Skills

A salary premium for working in tech was found in almost every language.

Tech vacancies asking for Spanish had an average salary £6,954 higher than all jobs asking for the language, while Chinese speakers in the tech industry can look forward to £8,322 more than their non-tech counterparts.

Tech workers with Japanese and Danish language skills are set to receive the biggest tech salary bonus, however, with IT industry jobs paying double the average of all jobs.

In fact, only Arabic speakers miss out on a tech top-up – the average salary for tech jobs asking for Arabic was £6 lower than all Arabic jobs.

London Not The Only Land of Opportunity

It’ll come as a shock to nobody that the capital has more tech jobs needing additional language skills than any other British city, but that doesn’t mean multi-lingual jobseekers outside the M25 need to commute into London. There were 36 opportunities for German speakers in the North West, a baker’s dozen worth of vacancies for French speakers in Yorkshire, and 37 roles for tech workers with Dutch in Eastern England.

Language Tech Vacancies Tech Avg. Salary Avg. Salary (All Vacancies) Tech Salary Premium
Japanese 30 £64,211 £31,216 £32,995
Danish 24 £55,628 £27,454 £28,174
German 936 £51,325 £36,563 £14,762
Dutch 358 £50,871 £32,842 £18,029
French 737 £46,198 £39,377 £6,821
Swedish 44 £44,181 £28,522 £15,659
Chinese / Mandarin 104 £38,942 £30,620 £8,322
Spanish 255 £38,516 £31,562 £6,954
Arabic 60 £37,906 £37,912 -£6
Italian 159 £37,354 £29,403 £7,951