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Top 10 jobs for Boris that aren’t Prime Minister

There’s been a lot of speculation regarding the future of our current Prime Minister.

If he were to rejoin the jobs market we’ve chosen ten jobs that we think would be perfect for him and used our data to indicate what he could expect to be paid. 

From trapeze artist to party planner, we’ve got Boris covered!


Events Manager

Average salary: £35,013

Boris has made quite a name for himself as the Number 10 party planner. Whether it’s the summer bring your own booze shindig or the cheese and wine meeting that just so happened to fall right before Christmas, Boris certainly has a flair for events. 

If he were to take this up professionally, an Events Manager can expect to earn just over £35,000. If he were to remain in London with Carrie and the kids, his salary could be slightly more with the average salary sitting around £40,000.

Interested in events that follow Covid-19 guidelines? We’ve got plenty of events roles currently advertised




Average salary: £38,794

Prior to and during his early political career, Johnson spent around 15 years as a journalist. His final role was Editor of the Spectator, a weekly politics and current affairs magazine. Should Boris decide to enter back into the realm of journalism, editorial roles vary substantially depending on the size of the publication and the location. 

Regional roles at the local press can pay as little as £20,000, so if Boris fancies a life in the country he’d be earning very little. However, if he were to join a reputable magazine or newspaper he’d see a much more substantial pay packet. 

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Head of Communications

Average salary: £45,032

There has been much speculation surrounding the influence of Johnson’s wife, Carrie since their relationship began. Should Boris want to follow in Carrie’s footsteps and step into a role in communications he could expect to earn a healthy average salary, and in London, that figure rises to just over £53,000. 

As a Head of Communications, Boris would expect to take on a strategic role leading internal and external communications and PR. As someone used to being in front of a microphone he’d also be expected to act as spokesperson so should this be Boris’ career of choice we wouldn’t be seeing the last of him.  

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Image credited to: Simon Dawson / No 10 Downing Street, via Number 10 Flickr


Commonwealth Games Ambassador

Average salary: £34,663

Prior to being PM, Boris held the role of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. With the Commonwealth Games coming up this summer in Birmingham there are plenty of roles centred around the West Midlands. From IT to marketing to front of house, there are lots of contract roles available. 

If like Boris, you’re looking for a short term role, the Commonwealth Games could be a fantastic employer to look out for



Trapeze Artist

Average salary: £31,692

It’s hard to forget Boris’ zip-lining fail in the lead up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and you know what? It looked like he enjoyed it. 

Circus jobs are hard to come by and would need some more extensive training. If Boris was looking for a job in the air, most trapeze artist jobs are paid hourly. For something more stable, perhaps a role as an aerial instructor (covering silks, hammocks, and trapeze) could be more practical as it would be salaried. 

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Average salary: £23,344

Boris’ hairdo has commanded a lot of attention over the years, so perhaps he might like some professional training to get it under control? 

To become a hairdresser, you usually need to complete an NVQ level 2 or 3 and work as an apprentice and then trainee in a salon. Once qualified you can either take on a salaried role or hire a chair so that you can have your own clients, which means you’re self-employed. 

We imagine with all that training, Boris might learn some tips to get his own locks under control. 

Think you could sort out Boris’ barnet yourself? Here are our latest hairdressing roles.



Genome Researcher

Average salary: £55,906

Boris and the Johnson family have an impressive family tree, that was even the subject of an episode of the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are. In Boris’ episode, he delved deeper into the life of Ali Kemal, his paternal great-grandfather, a Turkish journalist who was lynched in the 1920s.

Clearly interested in family history, perhaps a role in genealogy could suit Boris? This would allow Boris to investigate family trees, our genetic makeup, and the impact our genes have on our health and life expectancy. 

In order to take on this role, Boris would need to retrain and gain at least a PhD, if not a post-doctoral placement also, in order to enter this field of research. 

If you’re interested in a role as a Genome Researcher we have a selection of genetics roles available.


Classics Teacher

Average salary: £28,107

Boris studied Classics at Balliol College, Oxford in the eighties. If he’s still confident in conjugating his verbs then perhaps a role as a Classics teacher might appeal? A few years back he burst into an impromptu recital of the Ancient Greek poem ‘The Iliad’ so we wouldn’t put it past him.

Within public education, he wouldn’t necessarily need to complete a PGCE either but would need to remember what he learned nearly 35 years ago. Let’s hope he’s been practising his amo, amas, amat!

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Average salary: £32,542

Sometimes Boris’ life seems stranger than fiction, with his escapades entertaining the press and the wider public for years. 

Boris is already a published author with his first book, Seventy-Two Virgins: A Comedy of Errors, landing on bookshelves in 2004. Like politicians before him including Winston Churchill and Benjamin Disraeli, Boris has a passion for writing and politics and has juggled both simultaneously in the past. 

It’s difficult to predict what a Boris Johnson book deal would be worth now, whether fiction or biography, but the average salary for a writer is over £32,000.

Interested in putting pen to paper for a living? Here are our latest creative writing roles. 




Average salary: £48,648

Despite his actions during the Brexit Vote Leave campaign suggesting otherwise, Boris has lived a Eurocentric lifestyle. When his father Stanley secured a role at the European Commission, the family moved to Brussels and Boris spent two years learning and speaking French at the European School. Years later, Boris held his first journalism role in Brussels too.

Boris is quite the linguist and has knowledge of French, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin, and Ancient Greek. Although Latin and Ancient Greek are less relevant to the working world today, Boris’ modern language skills could mean he’s well suited for a role as a translator. 

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Cover image credited to: Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street, via Number 10 Flickr.