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What Olympians could earn in their everyday jobs

The delayed Tokyo Olympics showcased the absolute best of sportsmanship and for Team GB it has been a fantastic games. What’s more, the Paralympics start at the end of August and are sure to bring yet more medals for Team GB.

That being said, not all of our sportsmen and women are able to work full time doing the sport they love. A number of Team GB members have other day jobs, or have at least trained in a career ready for when their competitive sporting days come to an end. We explore some of the careers our Olympians are pursuing and let you know the average wage they can expect.


Laura Muir, Vet
Average Salary: £50,898

Muir achieved a silver medal in the 1500 metres during the Tokyo games and has been competing internationally in long distance running for a decade.

During this time as an internationally renowned sportswoman, Laura completed a degree in veterinary medicine at the University of Glasgow and should she decide to work full time as a veterinary surgeon the average salary is currently £50,898. In her native Scotland, the average wage is currently even higher at £56,666.

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Beth Shriever, Teaching Assistant
Average Salary: £20,255

Beth Shriever won a gold medal in BMX racing in Tokyo after having her funding cut after the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Not to be deterred, Beth worked part time as a teaching assistant at a nursery to help cover her costs of training and travelling. To get to the Olympics, Beth had to set up a crowdfunding campaign so that she could get to Tokyo and bring home a gold medal.

Should Beth decide to continue a career in teaching later down the track and qualify as a teacher, she could expect to earn an average salary of £30,254.

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Tom Daley, Knitwear Designer
Average Salary: £28,233

Tom’s poolside knits went viral this year, with him creating a pouch for his Olympic gold medal that he won in the Men’s synchronised 10m platform. He then went on to create dog jumpers and an amazing Team GB cardigan while spectating and competing in the Men’s 10m platform where he got another medal.

If Tom were to decide to pursue a future career as a knitwear designer, he could expect to earn an average salary of £28,233 with some roles advertising salaries over and above £40,000.

We’re pretty sure Tom’s TV and diving career isn’t over, but it’s certainly an option for later down the line.

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Kadeena Cox, Physiotherapist
Average Salary: £38,287

Kadeena is both a parasport sprinter and cyclist. She’ll be competing in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in both the 500m track race on bike, and the athletics.

Kadeena is studying physiotherapy at Manchester Metropolitan University alongside what will certainly be an extensive amount of training.

Should she decide to retire from sport, her degree could get her an average salary of £38,287 as a physiotherapist working here in the UK.

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Jack Hodgson, Financial Advisor
Average Salary: £40,299

Paralympic judo star Jack Hodgson works as a financial advisor, alongside being a full time British judo team member.

Later this month, Jack will take on the Paralympic Games at the home of judo, Japan.

The pro martial artist now works as a financial advisor and has the potential of earning a substantial salary, with average salaries in the City of London currently at £71,124.

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Keely Hodgkinson, Crime Analyst
Average Salary: £47,065

At just 19 years old, Keely achieved a silver medal in the women’s 800 metres, breaking the British record previously set by Dame Kelly Holmes.

Alongside her training, Keely also studies criminology at Leeds Beckett University. Should Keely wish to explore a career in this field, crime analyst roles are on the up. As well as a fantastic average salary of £47,065, crime analyst roles being advertised have doubled in the past year and salaries have gone up 11.1% year on year.

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Ellie Simmonds, Board Member
Average Salary: £48,646

Ellie made her debut at the Summer Paralympics in Beijing in 2008 at just 13 years old. As the youngest British athlete at the games, she won gold medals in the 100m and 400m freestyle events. She’s added yet more medals to her collection at subsequent games in 2012 and 2016, and here’s hoping she can win again in Tokyo!

Ellie is incredibly active in the charity sector focusing on sport, young people, and water safety. In 2019, she was appointed to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games organising committee board.

Although the average salary is £48,646, most board members will take on board roles on a part time basis and receive a monthly or annual stipend.

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Galal Yafai, Factory Worker
Average Salary: £21,638

Galal secured an Olympic gold medal for Team GB in the flyweight final at the Tokyo Olympics, his second attempt at an Olympic Games.

Just six years ago, Galal’s life looked very different, working in a factory before joining the GB boxing squad. We can’t imagine Galal needing to return to factory work after his Olympic success. If he were instead to pursue a career after his professional career in sport as a boxing trainer, average salaries sit at £58,375.

Galal is actually the younger brother of brothers Kal and Gamal who are both fellow boxers.

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Emily Campbell, Sports Journalist
Average Salary: £33,543

Emily Campbell made history as the first Team GB female to win an Olympic weightlifting medal, achieving silver in the women’s +87kg weightlifting event in Tokyo.

Another athlete who studied at Leeds Beckett University, Emily graduated with a degree in sport science. As well as pathways into teaching, personal training, and coaching, sport science degrees can also lead to careers in sports journalism.

When Emily retires from weightlifting, perhaps an average salary of £33,543 could tempt her to a career as a sports journalist.

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Josh Bugajski, Cancer Researcher
Average Salary: £37,517

As well as being an Olympic rower, achieving bronze in the men’s eight at Tokyo, Josh has an MPharm from Cardiff University and an MSc in oncology from Oxford University. During his time at Oxford he represented the university in the famous boat race twice in 2016 and 2017 – and brought victory to Oxford on his second attempt.

Should Josh pursue a career in science after rowing, perhaps a career as a cancer researcher could appeal. Or should he decide to use both his degrees, perhaps a specialist oncology pharmacist position may fit the bill, with an average salary of £53,923.

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