Adzuna Labour Market Intelligence

As a leading global job search engine, our mission is to list every job, everywhere. This means we have uniquely comprehensive and well-structured data about global job vacancies

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What do we offer?


A wealth of supply and demand data to interrogate via our data packages or bespoke extracts to answer specific objectives.


Your research objectives translated into a set of aggregated, actionable insights derived from our unique data extracts and proprietary data fields.

Analytical Tools

Adzuna Intelligence permits deep analysis into labour market dynamics, with the ability to deliver custom analytics solutions.

Why Adzuna?

Job search model provides near-comprehensive coverage

20 countries. 2 billion+ adverts. 15M+ jobseekers each month

Real-time updates and up to 6 years+ historical adverts

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UK Salary Stats Centre

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UK Labour Market Statistics

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Who is it for?

Central and Local Government

As central and local government adopt a more data-driven approach to policy and investment decisions, Adzuna is at the forefront of this change, helping authorities with the data and insight they need to make quicker, better informed decisions.


Adzuna vacancy data is interrogated by leading universities and faculties across a myriad of cutting edge research applications and is also utilised to strengthen curricula and inform faculty investment.

Consultancies, NGOs, Think Tanks

Our data science team’s expertise ensures Adzuna is your trusted partner to engage an audience in thought leadership, fulfil client projects and deliver bespoke tools and applications.

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Regardless of your application, from a cut of raw data to a custom analytics solution and everything in between, we're here to help.

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"I want those looking for work around the country to have the very best opportunity to find work that suits their needs. Our free Find a Job service offers one of the largest job search functions out there – and with a near record number of vacancies, there are plenty to choose from. By joining forces with Adzuna we’ll make the platform even better for both jobseekers and employers.” Alok Sharma - Former Minister of State for Employment, UK