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The Weirdest Job Titles in the UK Revealed

Weirdest job titles

 The job market has developed and expanded into weird and wonderful areas in recent years, paving the way for an influx of unusual job titles. Companies now also adopt weird job titles in a bid to attract a younger workforce and separate themselves from the crowd.

You are now likely to come across and Sales Ninja over a Sales Executive. For those looking for alternative roles, Adzuna, have analysed over 1 million jobs currently live on site to reveal the most unusual job titles currently accepting applications.

To help job seekers see if these roles would be suited to them, our research also looks at the average salary and an outline of what the job would entail.


Weird job title #1: Ethical Hacker

Average salary: £73k

An Ethical Hacker is required to test the effectiveness of a companies security controls. The job entails hacking into a computer network to test and evaluate its security. This role has grown in popularity after a number of high-profile data hacks in recent years. Most Ethical Hacker jobs advertised on Adzuna require skills and experience over formal education and qualifications. 

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Weird job title #2: Cloud Engineer

Average salary: £64k

A Cloud Engineer is responsible for assessing a company’s infrastructure and moving business processes to a cloud based infrastructure. The role can include technological duties such as design, planning, management, maintenance and support within cloud computing.

✔ Despite the weird title, Cloud Engineers are in high demand.


Weird job title #3: Scrum Master

Average salary: £63k

A Scrum Master manages company processes to develop sustainable software. The role can include everything from coaching teams about agile scrum, delivering successful deliverables to sprint planning and demo’s. A Scrum Master will also be involved with motivating the team and pursuing changes to ensure quality and efficiency.

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Weird job title #4: AI Evangelist

Average salary: £58k

Another unusual job with a high salary is an AI Evangelist. This is essentially another title for an AI specialist. The role is very broad and can involve programming computer programs to test the human intellect (hypothesis). An evangelist will help executives understand how AI can improve core business processes and calculate the value and impact AI can have on customers.

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Weird job title #5: Stress Engineer

Average salary: £51k

This strange job title might sound like it has something to do with engineering stress, but actually Stress Engineers play an important role in engineering an aircraft. A stress engineer will create models to apply stress to test how much strain the structures can handle. A Stress Engineer will carry out modelling, simulation and analysis on rotating machinery.

✔ This unusual job might be great for you if you’d enjoy contributing to the safety of air transportation. Find out how many Stress Engineers are currently needed.


Weird job title #6: Muggle Studies Professor

Average salary: £51k

Possibly the weirdest job title on our list, a Muggle relations specialist will grow expanding muggle relations. The role involves developing relationships with the community, promoting services, developing marketing and sales plans, developing referral resources.

✔ Find out who’s hiring a Muggle Studies Professor.


Weird job title #7: Social Media Influencer

Average salary: £51k

A social media influencer can be anyone from a celebrity, writer, blogger, entrepreneur. An influencer will leverage their following across social channels to promote a product or brand. Depending on the influencer’s following, this could be one of the weird jobs that pay extremely well. The role is such a widespread form of marketing and influx of roles have opened up to manage social media influencers. 

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Weird job title #8: Chief Storyteller

Average salary: £51k

A Chief storyteller will adopt the role of a Writer and a Communications Manager in one. A Chief storyteller will deliver engaging content across our communities and will use this content to grow a community. This is one of the unusual job vacancies that can be perfect for someone who enjoys publicity and wants to make an impact. 

✔ Find out how many Chief Storyteller roles are open.


Weird job title #9: Water Scientist

Average salary: £51k

In this unusual role a water scientist will analyse the safety of the water and safeguard water quality by testing procedures and exploring solutions to improve and maintain water quality. Water Scientists can be employed by the Government, regulatory bodies, non-profit organisations, water suppliers or multi-utility providers.

✔ Take a look at how many Water Scientist vacancies are open. 


Weird job title #10: Happiness Executive

Average salary: £51k

A Happiness Executive is possibly our favorite unusual job title on the list. A Happiness Executive will specialise in customer support and be required to build personal relationships with customers. They will improve processes and systems to provide better service to our community and customers.

✔ Check out how many companies are looking for a Happiness Executive.


Weird job title #11: Potato Grader

Average salary: £20k

Probably one of the weirdest job titles on the list, Potato Grader positions are usually offered on a temporary basis for the potato season. After the harvest is complete, Potato graders are required further inspection picking out any defects. Potato graders are often required to pick out stones, mud, weeds, foreign objects and rotten potatoes or work closely with our Machine Operators and Quality Assurance team to ensure the smooth and efficient running of our clients busy production department.

✔ If the job appeals to you, keep an eye on the available Potato Grader vacancies.


Weird job title #12: Database Jedi

Average salary: £20k

Despite the intriguing Jedi aspect, this is actually a database administrator role. It involves managing existing data – clients, candidates, placements, vacancies, etc. Adding new companies/candidates to the system – ensuring key fields are completed, accurate and in full.

✔ While the job title is weird, the job itself is pretty straightforward (for a jedi). Find all available Database Jedi vacancies. 


Weird job title #13: Pet Advisor

Average salary: £20k

A Pet Advisor plays a key role in bringing pets and people together and building lasting relationships with customers. A Pet Advisor will be required to care for animals and take calls from customers who may have queries or questions regarding pets. This unusual and interesting job will be perfect for those who are animal welfare advocates and would love to make an impact in this area.

✔ Find all Pet Advisor roles available.


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