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Which Languages Pay the Most?


To mark the European Day of Languages we took a look at the 1 million+ live jobs on Adzuna to see which languages are the highest paid, and which one are most in demand across the UK.

German is the Highest Paid Language

There’s good news for German speakers – not only are there more opportunities for this language than any other in the UK (6,800 at the time we checked), but the average salary for jobs wanting it are also the highest at £34,534.

While European languages made up the bulk of both the highest paid and most in-demand languages Mandarin and Arabic proved to be both highly paid and highly sought after while Japanese, although only wanted for 719 jobs, was another non-European language that came with a high salary.

Polish and Welsh Among Top Paying Languages

Data from the last census shows that Polish is the second most spoken language in the UK, so it’s no surprise that it’s in high demand among employers. The average salary for those 1,575 jobs wanting Polish language skills weren’t in the top 10 highest paying languages however – the £26,456 average salary wasn’t enough to take the number 10 spot from Welsh, which had an average salary of £27,857.

While Welsh made the best paid table, it wasn’t one of the 10 most in-demand languages, with just 1,000 roles asking for the Celtic language, which is spoken by just under 20% of people in Wales. Unsurprisingly the vast majority of these jobs were based in the Land of Song, although there were 70 vacancies in England, six in Scotland, and one in Northern Ireland. With Welsh enjoying equal status with English as a language in Wales, it makes sense that most of these jobs – 77% of them in fact – were in teaching or healthcare.

Meanwhile there were 120 positions asking for Gaelic – these were almost all in Scotland and all for teaching positions.

Languages That Will Earn You The Most Money

  1. German – £34,534 (average salary)

  2. Arabic – £34,122

  3. French – £32,646

  4. Dutch – £29,423

  5. Spanish – £29,262

  6. Japanese – £28,954

  7. Russian – £28,858

  8. Italian – £28,723

  9. Mandarin – £28,268

  10. Welsh – £27,857

The Languages With The Most Jobs

Language Vacancies
German       6,800
French       6,149
Spanish       3,106
Italian       2,460
Dutch       1,865
Polish       1,575
Mandarin       1,246
Russian       1,237
Swedish       1,118
Arabic       1,113